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The LG G2 Series 77-Inch Class OLED evo Gallery Edition Smart TV OLED77G2PUA, 2022 is a top-of-the-line television that offers an exceptional viewing experience. With its OLED display technology and 4K resolution, the picture quality is stunningly sharp and vibrant. The 120 Hz refresh rate ensures smooth and fluid motion, perfect for watching fast-paced action scenes or playing video games.

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One standout feature of this TV is its support for various internet services, including Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV, Disney+, Paramount +, Peacock, Spotify, YouTube, iHeartRadio, and LG Channels. This wide range of options ensures that you’ll never run out of content to enjoy.

For gamers, the LG G2 Series offers Nvidia G Sync and AMD Freesync, which help eliminate screen tearing and stuttering, resulting in a more immersive gaming experience. The TV also comes with built-in Alexa, allowing you to control your TV with just your voice.

In terms of design, the TV has a sleek and modern look, with dimensions of 12.6″D x 67.4″W x 40.9″H, making it a perfect fit for any living room or entertainment space.

Overall, the LG G2 Series 77-Inch Class OLED evo Gallery Edition Smart TV OLED77G2PUA, 2022 is a high-quality television that offers impressive features and exceptional picture quality. Whether you’re a general audience consumer or a bargain hunter looking for a top-notch TV at a competitive price, this model is definitely worth considering.

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Pros and Cons Values

  • Picture quality
  • Smart Features
  • Brightness
  • Value for money
  • Remote Control
  • Voice Recognition
  • WiFi Disconnects

HD Picture Quality Assessment:

The HD picture quality demonstrated exceptional performance. It excellently reproduced intricate details of HD images, showcasing a high level of precision. The color accuracy was also excellent, resulting in natural and lifelike colors, particularly enhancing flesh tones. The contrast was outstanding, effectively highlighting the distinction between the darkest blacks and brightest whites, thereby adding depth and dimension to the visuals. The black levels were excellent, providing deep blacks that significantly intensified contrast in darker scenes. With the control turned up, the image brightness was very good, making it suitable for well-lit rooms. However, for dimmer viewing environments, it is recommended to lower the setting. Furthermore, this display exhibited very good reproduction of smooth edges in image content, with minimal jagged edges when handling up-converted HD-to-UHD images. The deinterlacing of 1080i video and the detection of the film mode of 1080i content were both excellent.

Test Results Summary:

Regarding the 4K UHD picture quality, it can be concluded that the performance was excellent. Throughout the UHD testing phase, native-4K movies and non-HDR test videos were played via the TV’s HDMI input, and it was observed that the image detail was fully preserved. The color reproduction, contrast levels, and black levels exhibited by the TV were comparable to its HD picture quality.

HDR Performance Analysis

The HDR performance of the display was highly effective, showcasing an excellent peak brightness capability that greatly contributed to the realistic reproduction of our 4K HDR content. It impressively captured the contrast between moderately bright and very bright highlights, while also maintaining the brightness levels in the mid-to-lower tones, such as those in indoor scenes. Moreover, it successfully rendered a wide range of nuanced shadow detail from black to white, with no noticeable banding within the gradually shaded areas. However, there was some loss of detail in the highlights of the brightest areas. Additionally, brightly colored objects retained their vibrant saturation, further enhancing the overall 4K UHD picture quality.

Test Results Summary
VIEWING ANGLE: The display exhibits exceptional wide viewing angles, surpassing the majority of tested TVs. This makes it an excellent choice for large group viewing. Our assessment from different angles revealed consistent performance, with minimal variations in contrast and black level. While slight color tone shifts were observed when viewing the TV from the sides, overall color consistency remained intact with no compromise in image quality. Moreover, when observing the image from above and below the center screen, the TV demonstrated outstanding vertical viewing angle performance, with no noticeable impact on color, contrast, and black level.

Product specification

Specification for product

Screen Size77 inch
App StoreYes
Full Web BrowserYes
360 VR*Only on YouTube


The LG OLED77G2PUA is a 77-inch OLED 4K UHD TV with a resolution of 3840×2160 (2160p). It supports internet connectivity through Ethernet and WiFi, allowing for wired or wireless connection to your home network. With DLNA certification, you can access content from compatible devices on your network. The TV has four HDMI inputs and three USB ports for playing media from flash drives. The dimensions of the LG OLED77G2PUA, including its base, are 40.9 inches high, 67.4 inches wide, and 12.6 inches deep. The panel itself is 1 inch thick. The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty covering both parts and labor.

Product Description:

Experience unparalleled picture quality with LG’s OLED evo Gallery Edition, featuring 8 million self-lit OLED pixels for the highest contrast, deep black levels, and vibrant colors. Designed to seamlessly hang on your wall with minimal gap, this sleek and slim TV combines aesthetics with functionality (TV stand sold separately). Powered by LG’s exclusive α9 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K, it intelligently adapts to your content, optimizing picture and sound quality. Enjoy a true cinematic experience with Filmmaker Mode, which eliminates unnecessary processing, and enhance every moment with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. Elevate your gaming experience with LG Game Optimizer mode, featuring NVIDIA G-SYNC, FreeSync Premium, and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) for smooth on-screen motion.

LG G2 Series 77-Inch Class OLED evo Gallery Edition Smart TV OLED77G2PUA
LG G2 Series 77-Inch Class OLED evo Gallery Edition Smart TV OLED77G2PUA

Optimized Picture Settings

Picture Settings:

  • Mode: Filmmaker Mode (User Settings)
  • Aspect Ratio: Original (Just Scan: On)
  • Contrast: 100
  • Black Level: 50
  • Gamma (Brightness): BT.1886
  • Color Depth: 50
  • Tint: G3
  • Sharpness: 0
  • Color Temperature: Warm 50
  • OLED Pixel Brightness: 70
  • Video Range: Auto
  • Real Cinema: On
  • TruMotion: User Selection (De-Blur: 10)
  • Color Gamut: Auto Detect

All other settings should be turned off or set to zero (0).

Individual R, G, or B color subcontrols, if available, should be kept at their default settings.

TV Firmware:

  • All models were tested with the latest firmware version available at the time, specifically the LG OLED77G2PUA with firmware version 03.11.56.

The data and scores provided reflect the TV’s feature-set during testing. Please note that the manufacturer may release software updates that could introduce or remove certain features.

3.4 Total Score

6.8User's score
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